The Lower Silesian Science Festival (Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki – DFN) is a popular science event organized every September in Wrocław (stationary edition) and October (away sessions) by Wrocław’s universities, institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences and non-university environments. It is addressed to everyone interested in science, culture, art, interesting phenomena of the world around us.

The Science Festival is also a way to integrate the scientific community around promoting science, shaping attitudes of the responsibility of scientists for the use of scientific discoveries, promoting regional educational initiatives, talented young people, and helping in choosing higher education. It is a way to interest industry and companies in the potential applications of research and scientific discoveries.

The Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research (ILTSR) took part in the 22nd edition of the Science Festival DFN on 20-25 September. Mikołaj Łukaszewicz together with Katarzyna Lenczewska and Katarzyna Hałubek-Głuchowska (TransFerr team members) presented a lecture with experimental show entitled “Attractive” effects of luminous recovered elements. They talked about the optical and magnetic properties of lanthanide ions, informed about importance of metals recycling, and showed magnetic and luminous materials obtained as part of numerous research projects implemented at the ILTSR, including EU projects: TransFerr and Recola.