TransFerr Mid-Term Meeting in Wroclaw

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During the TransFerr Mid-Term Meeting, that was held at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research in Wroclaw on 21-22 March 2019, our Consortium summarized the 15 months activities of the project. All Consortium members have presented reports about completed tasks and scientific achievements and also have discussed all [...]

Mid-Term Meeting in Wroclaw

2019-03-13|Tags: , , , , |

Mid-Term Meeting of the TransFerr project in Wroclaw The TransFerr Mid-Term Meeting will be held on 21-22 March 2019 at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research in Wroclaw. During the Meeting, a review and summary of the 15 months activities of the project will take place. All Consortium [...]

Reporting session at ILTSR PAS

2019-01-27|Tags: , , , , |

Annual reporting session at ILTSR PAS (Wroclaw) was an occasion to present TransFerr project. Our colleagues informed about their new activities in NanoTBTech ("Nanoparticles-based 2D thermal bioimaging technologies", 801305) - project funded by EU H2020 FET Open programme under grant agreement No 801305. At the same time, we have realized that the TransFerr [...]

2nd Synchrotron and Neutron Diffraction School – MATRAC 2

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Our Consortium Partner from Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) the organizer of the 2nd Synchrotron and Neutron Diffraction School - MATRAC 2. The school 'Application of Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science with Special Focus on Fundamental Aspects of Materials' will be held in Herrsching (Ammersee) and Garching (near Munich), Germany, [...]

Oxygenalia’2018 Conference 11-13.10.2018

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The International Oxygenalia'2018 Conference, organized under the auspices of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the Jagiellonian University (Kraków), the University of Vilnius and the Medical University of Poznan was held on October 11-13, 2018 at the University of Vilnius. Oxygenalia'2018 is an interdisciplinary scientific event whose main goal [...]

TransFerr seminar/meeting in Wroclaw

2018-08-01|Tags: , , , , |

In July we hosted in the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research PAS in Wroclaw members of a few TransFerr groups: from University of Vilnius (Živile Stankevičiute, Ramunas Skaudžius, Olga Opuchovic), University of Aveiro (Andrei Kholkin) and Gomel State University (Vladimir Gaishun, Dmitry Kovalenko, Alina Semchanko), who visited us [...]

Belarusian-Polish scientific cooperation

2018-07-15|Tags: , , |

On the website of the Scientific and Research Laboratory of Advanced Materials (ПНИЛ ПМ) belonging to the Francisk Skorina Gomel State University is written about Belarusian-Polish scientific cooperation between the Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Wrocław) and the Francisk Skorina Gomel State University. 

VII Republican scientific conference of students “Actual problems of physics and technology”

2018-04-28|Tags: , , |

VII Republican scientific conference of students, undergraduates and graduate students "Actual problems of physics and technology" was held on April 25 at the Faculty of Physics and Information Technologies of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University. In total, 288 scientific materials of the students from 11 Universities were submitted for participation [...]

REMAT Conference 16-18.05.2018

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5th International Conference on RARE EARTH MATERIALS (REMAT) Advances in Synthesis, Studies and Applications was held on the 16-18 May, 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland. The meeting has showcased the latest research and advances in both academic and commercial aspects of rare-earths. The Conference was partaken by researchers, engineers, government officers [...]