The TransFerr-FunCoat joint workshop entitled “Measurement techniques for studying functional materials” took place at the University of Aveiro in Portugal on July 9th.

The workshop covered a range of measurement techniques for studying functional materials ranging from microwave scanning microscopy to X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques.  Also, other modern nanoscale techniques such as Kelvin probe microscopy were presented. These were discussed in relation to the coating technologies and ceramic processing that are the main subjects of Transferr and FunCoat projects. The scope of this workshop was in line with the current trends in the processing of nanomaterials and provided a forum for presenting and discussing new results. After the workshop, there were training sessions on Scanning Probe Microscopy and magnetoelectric effect measurements. The workshop was complemented with the working dinner, during which an intensive exchange of ideas was continued.

The workshop was attended by about 25 persons including projects participants and wider audience (PhD students and postdocs from the University of Aveiro). Dr. Andrei Kholkin and Dr. Dmitry Karpinsky gave presentations about the TransFerr project activity – details in the workshop program.