Abstract: Graphene on a ferroelectric can be a promising candidate to create advanced field effect transistors, modulators and electrical transducers. Recently we have shown that alternating “up” and “down” piezoelectric displacement of the ferroelectric domain surfaces can lead to the increase of graphene channel conductance at room temperature because of partial separation of the graphene channel from the ferroelectric substrate. The change of graphene conductance caused by piezoelectric effect requires systematic studies of ambient conditions impact on its manifestations. Present theoretical work studies the temperature behavior of the graphene conductance changes induced by piezoelectric effect in a ferroelectric substrate with domain structure. We revealed the possibility of increasing up to 100 times the conductance of the graphene channel on ferroelectric substrate by changing the ambient temperature for a given gate voltage and channel length. Obtained results can open the way towards advanced applications of graphene on ferroelectric in piezo-resistive memories operating in a wide temperature range.


Title: Temperature behavior of graphene conductance induced by piezoelectric effect in a ferroelectric substrate

Authors: A. Morozovska, A. Kurchak, Z. Zemska, A. Lukowiak, M. Strikha

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5034340  Journal of Applied Physics (2018) 124, 084103 

Postprint deposited in the repository: https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.03175