This section collects all the official material created during the TransFerrr project as well as the publications that disseminate the results achieved by the project. If you are interested in communicating about TransFerr project get in contact with our dissemination manager Katarzyna Lenczewska (

Fixed Volume Effect on Polar Properties and Phase Diagrams of Ferroelectric Semi-ellipsoidal Nanoparticles – Article 7

Abstract: For advanced applications in modern industry, it is very important to reduce the volume of ferroelectric nanoparticles without serious deterioration of their polar properties. In many practically important cases, the fixed volume (rather than the fixed size) corresponds to realistic technological conditions of nanoparticles fabrication. The letter is focused [...]

Rotomagnetic coupling in fine-grained multiferroic BiFeO3: Theory and experiment – Article 6

Abstract: Using Landau-Ginzburg-Devonshire (LGD) theory for BiFeO3 dense fine-grained ceramics with quasispherical grains and nanosized intergrain spaces enriched by elastic defects, we calculated a surprisingly strong size-induced increase in the antiferromagnetic transition temperature caused by the joint action of rotomagnetic and magnetostrictive coupling. Notably, all parameters included in the LGD functional [...]

Nontrivial temperature behavior of the carrier concentration in graphene on ferroelectric substrate with domain walls – Article 5

Abstract: This work explores a nontrivial temperature behavior of the carriers concentration, which governs the conductance of the graphene channel on ferroelectric substrate with domain walls that is a basic element for field effect transistors of new generation. We revealed the transition from a single to double antiferroelectric-like hysteresis loop [...]

Local electromechanical characterization of Pr doped BiFeO3 ceramics – Article 3

Abstract: Local electromechanical (EM) measurements were performed in Pr doped BiFeO3(BPFO) ceramics via piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM). The results revealed that local EM response was different from the macroscopic one due to the large contribution of the leakage current. The locally measured response was used to evaluate effective piezoelectric coefficient [...]

Magnetic and dipole moments in indium doped barium hexaferrites – Article 2

Abstract: Crystal and magnetic structure of the doped BaFe12−xInxO19 samples were refined by the results of investigations using high resolution neutron powder diffraction and vibration sample magnetometry at different temperatures. The refinements were realized in frame of two space groups. The P63/mmc (No 194) centrosymmetric nonpolar and P63mc (No 186) noncentrosymmetric [...]

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