List of Nanoceramics company equipment

  • Microbalance (0.0001g)
  • High-pressure press 150 t
  • High temperature furnace 1200 oC
  • System for measuring the efficiency of electronic components as a function of frequency, applied voltage, current and power (frequency range of measurement 0.1-1 MHz, voltage 0.1-30 V, current 0.1-5 A, power up to 150 W)
  • A system for measuring saturation currents of components and their magnetic losses (core loss),
  • A system for measuring parameters of material inductance as a function of frequency in the range of 0.1-10 MHz.
  • RLC bridge GW INSTEK LCR-8110G (0.00001 ÷ 99.999 MΩ, 0.01p ÷ 1000 mF)