Abstract: The effect of the treatment temperature on the structural properties of sol-gel films of samarium-doped BiFeO3 was established. Optimal compositions of BiFeO3:Sm films and their heat treatment modes have been determined. The effect of samarium (Sm) doping on the crystal structure and topography of the surface of thin films BiFeO3 (BFO) and BiFeO3:Sm (BFO:Sm) was investigated. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results for BFO and BFO: Sm films calcined at 600 °C revealed the single-phase state of BFO films (Sm:BFO) with the rhombohedral crystal lattice (space group R3c). The presence of samarium was confirmed by EDS. The small distortion of the crystal lattice is explained by the smaller ionic radius of the samarium ion replacing the europium ion.


Title: Influence of heat treatment temperature on the structure of thin sol-gel samarium-doped BiFeO3 films

Authors: S.A. Khakhomov, A.V. Semchenko, V.V. Sydsky, O.I. Tyulenkova, A.N. Morozovska

Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Technics (2020) 4 (45), 71-74

Link: http://pfmt.gsu.by/2020_4/12_Khahomov_SA_et_al_2020-4.pdf (publication in Russian)

Preprint/Postprint: OPEN ACCESS